E*Trade Australia

SoftDev Consulting involvement with E*Trade Australia included the Design, Implementation and migration of the E*Trade Australia web site and all integrated parts to the new ANZ infrastrucrure. This work included the migrating of more than 70 software artefacts used in and around the web based trading system and the following technologies:

  • .Net 3.5
  • Migration of SQL 2005 databses with complex schema to SQL 2008 and over 600 stored procedures
  • Redesign of some software communication layers towards an SOA architecture, web services, .Net CLR & c++ Services
  • Rewrite of some code converted/ported to c# for the web layers, both the front end and business layers
  • Migration of both data services and code into the new ANZ infrastructure, including organising and testing all communications with outside suppliers and the ASX
  • Complete delivery of Unit tests, system & integration tests and load testing, liaising with a large team of professional testers