Hablas Muy Bien

The SoftDev Consulting involvement with Francisco Ferrer AKA "Paco", the author of the "Hablas Muy Bien" Book and eBook, included the following platforms & technologies:

Paco was born in Spain in Andalusia but has lived most of his life in the french part of Switzerland in Geneva. As a result, Paco is a native speaker in both French and Spanish, and he is also fluent in English and German, and has a good understanding of the Italian, Portuguese and Greek languages.

With such a rich cultural and lingual background, Paco was always going to be in a position to help others with communication challenges between these languages and one day decided to write this "Hablas Muy Bien" book to help french speakers whose level of spanish is between Intermediate to fluent, to take it to the next level.

His lovely wife Sandrine, who greatly benefitted herself from these tips and tricks, also participated in the creation & edition/formatting of his book.  

This book allows the readers to get more involved with native speakers and not being caught so often with the usual gotchas or dead give aways that only native speakers can usually avoid.

If this is you, by all means, follow the link to the publisher's site, get yourself a copy and boost your level of spanish so you can start mingling with the locals: The Book Edition: The Book Edition Hablas Muy Bien

The sections below show screenshots of all applications and developments SoftDev Consulting was exposed to in order to assist Francisco & Sandrine Ferrer with the book technical challenges and IT requirements: