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These are the most frequently asked questions:

  • The CrowdBlendingMe app attempts to address the challenge of privacy around web communications and services and is based around a concept of "Metadata Overcrowding" which ensures the actual metadata for real transactions are largely diluted with fake but just as realistic other pieces of faked metadata.
  • The CrowdBlendingMe app basically runs in the background and makes use of a small part the device "Unused Time" and "Unused Wifi" to make typical requests such as Queries in Search sites, posts and removals of fake purchases on electronic stores and visits to numerous social sites across all demographics such as gender / age / race / religion / political views / professional, social and cultural positions & interests.
  • More and more the information we provide on the web and around mobile devices is used to target us commercially, researched or simply investigated or spied without our approval for political, economic or any other reasons.
  • Many people have "Nothing to hide", but this is assuming that they know exactly what information is made available on their behalf by any of the web sites, services and systems they use on the web, but more often than not these meta data bits of information are quite diverse and not so well known to the users.
  • These users are also assuming that government and commercial organisations can't get to the information as it travels which is not true as it is now obvious.
  • CrowdBlendingMe is not attempting to hide the information or encrypt (scramble) it as this information is usually shared by the very web sites and services we consume on the web or it is being read as it travels back and forth.
  • The idea here is to drown the information around an ocean of similar information just as genuine, probable and realistic as the data being spied on.
  • This large overhead in metadata produced by CrowdBlendingMe being fed to the web sites and services will ultimately ensure the efficiency of the spying is greatly reduced and therefore rendered useless overtime.
  • Currently we have versions for iOS (iPhones & iPads) & Android (from Jelly Beans V4.1 and above).
  • Yes, of course, the only thing this is doing is to protect your information. And as it runs from your device(s), from the "Spies viewpoint" it looks just as real as the real thing. And as it does, it will confuse / dilute the information and make Metadata filtering / targetting at the other end much, much more difficult to achieve and will, it is expected, render it useless. And as the number of CrowdBlendingMe users grows, the even less effective the filtering and spying will get.