24H Clock

The 24H Clock is a React JS app developed by SoftDev Consulting and implements a 24H clock that can be used to see when stock exchanges open, close, are at lunch or on weekend/public holidays.

Open it here and click on the Demo button:  24H Clock Web Page

The 24H Clock web Page was developed in React JS and hosted At Vercel with GitHub, using the following technologies:
  • React JS
  • TypeScript
  • Redux
  • Konva
  • Lodash
  • Google Material
  • GitHub
  • Vercel


These are the most frequently asked questions:

  • The 24H Clock provides traders with a simple clock that shows when Stock Exchanges Open, Close, Lunches, Weekends and public holidays. It also showss the best times to do trades
  • It was created so we SoftDev consulting could learn and develop React apps using Redux and other packages such as Konva and Lodash...
  • This is not the only 24H clock out there, just another one.
  • As we often do trades online, it is very handy to know the best times to do trades and other useful information such as lunch times and days off.
  • It's a web page hosted at Vercel and can be viewed from any browser