Pierre's Electronic project - PCB Design & Manufacturing

SoftDev Consulting assisted Pierre with some of his electronic requirements around the redesign of his existing PCB electronic boards using the following platforms and technologies:

  • LTSpice XVII: Original circuit design was created using this software but the software doesn't come with manufacturing and assembly capabilities
  • EasyEDA (Standard) - Web based designer: Easy EDA Editor: new circuit designer & PCB generation software
  • JLCPCB - Web based manufacturer & Assembly: jlcpcb.com: PCB manufacturer with assembly capability
Pierre had some ideas about interstellar travel and came up with both a mechanical and an electronic project and proof of concept.
After encountering many issues with the original circuit that was built manually from the ground up, it was decided that he could definitely benefit from an automated process beyond the circuit design, therefore requiring to have the electronic manufacturing and assembly automated.

was chosen as the provider of these new PCB manufacturing & assembly services and the EasyEDA (Standard) software was used to port the old design from the LTSpice XVII software to the new copied design so JLCPCB would have the ability to manufacture and provide the assembly for us.

The following sections depict the various circuit designs, their associated PCBs including components and their 2D and 3D views: